Michel de Certeau, le voyage de l'oeuvre

"Notre lieu est le monde" (Jerónimo Nadal s.j.)

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Colloque 2016 : Michel de Certeau, le voyage de l'œuvreThis trilingual (English, French, Spanish), university-level conference is intended to recognize the thirtieth anniversary of Michel de Certeau’s passing (January 9, 1986). It is designed to compare, confront and discuss the continuing work on his oeuvre around the world.

Invited speakers belong to different generations, born after 1955-1960, and come from different countries. They had no possibility to encounter MdC as a living person, they got related to him by reading and discussing his works. Their scholarly affiliation concerns different fields of study and  their main interests into MdC's thought are different too.



"I speaks only if it is awaited (or loved), which is the riskiest thing in the world, even if, in principle, this very thing is guaranteed by the religious institution. Surin's madness was at first the violence of that improbable pass, the closing in of the I, when it ceases believing itself to be awaited. The madness subsided (and he set himself to writing) when that isolation was transformed into the 'extraordinary' surprise -- inscribed on the body -- of being called and heard somewhere."

(The Mystic Fable I, transl. Michael B. Smith, 1992, p. 187) 





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